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Customizing Views of your Recruiting Boards
Customizing Views of your Recruiting Boards
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ARMS Recruiting Boards can be customized to look exactly how you would like them to. Follow these simple steps to customized you Recruiting Board:

Managing your Categories

Using the ‘Funnel’ icon at the top right of the screen you can re-order and toggle the visibility of your categories.

Switching your Recruiting Board layout

You can change the way your board is arranged by using the ‘Column’ icon at the top right of the screen. Choose Horizontal to line up your categories from left-to-right or continue to use the Best Fit option for a stacked view.

Making your Recruiting Board FULL SCREEN

Using the ‘Full Screen’ icon at the top right of the screen, you can utilize ARMS for your next staff recruiting meeting. Going Full Screen with your board will maximize the number of prospects in view when reviewing. We recommend this option when projecting to a large screen, especially when leaving the board up on the wall!

Accessing Videos on your Recruiting Board

Use the ‘Video’ toggle at the top left of the screen to view all of the videos related to the prospects on your board. Adjust the categories on the left to further narrow down the video list.

Customizing Board Cards

  • Using the Menu button (3 lines) at the top right of the screen

  • Click the 'Customize View' selection

  • This will bring your to the Administration Module - Default Recruiting Board Profile Layout Designer

  • This designer page allows you to customize the information on your Board Card

  • Using 'Drag and Drop' movements, you can drag both standard and custom fields from the column on the left, into the layout on the right.

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