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Customizing Board Card Information
Customizing Board Card Information
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Recruiting Boards

ARMS Recruiting Boards can be customized to display the information as you want to see it. Categories do not have to be based on positions. While many boards do use positions to denote the categories, the categories can be named however you'd like and can thus be used for a variety of purposes. They just provide another dimension in which to view your recruits. You can also customize the one or more layouts of the cards to display the information you want to see.

Customizing your Board Cards Information

The board menu can be access on the far right of the screen. Use this menu to switch between views or choose 'Customize View' and you will be directed to the "drag and drop" screen where you can adjust the layout of your card. Remember that you can create as many views as you want from the Custom Views screen (e.g. Academic, Top Times) - this can be found under Administration module.

Customizing your Board Cards' Order and Colors

You can manipulate the order of your board cards and color on this screen as well. To adjust your board cards' order, just click on the card you'd like to move and drag it to the spot on the board you desire. To adjust the board cards' color, just click on the menu at the top right of the board card. Select the color you'd like (colors codes can represent whatever you'd like them to).

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