Module: Recruiting
Page: Recruit Profile

An individual evaluation can be saved directly on a prospect's profile using the Evaluations badge. Here you can save detailed notes about a prospect's performance or simply log your countable evaluation with no additional notes.

Helpful Hint: The ARMS Support Team is happy to import spreadsheets of evaluations that you may have already saved. You can also save countable evaluations in bulk directly in ARMS using the New Quick Evaluation option.

Reviewing Saved Evaluations

You can review all saved evaluations directly on the prospect's profile or in list view of all evaluations saved.

Profile View

Saved evaluations are displayed in the Prospect's Recent Activity feed at the bottom of the profile. Here you can filter to the all Evaluations type.

List View

Using the Evaluations page you can get a list view of all saved evaluations in ARMS with the option to sort on date Date, Name or Associated Event.

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