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Using Prospect Questionnaires
Using Prospect Questionnaires
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Module: Recruiting
Page: Questionnaires

Questionnaires can be made available to recruits via the university's website and through direct email communication to recruits. Each recruit will receive their own unique individual questionnaire link to keep their information updated.

University Website

Individuals can access the questionnaire via a link on the University's website. The public URL for your questionnaire is found by clicking on the questionnaire title on Questionnaires page. This URL should be provided to the appropriate contact at your university to be updated on the athletic website. Coaches can also work with the ARMS Support Team to verify the link.

Emailing Questionnaires

Coaches can email questionnaires directly to individual or groups of recruits in their database. The recruit will receive a unique link to the questionnaire and any preexisting attributes will be auto-filled, though the recruit will have the ability to update as necessary.

To email a questionnaire you can add the questionnaire token to any email or send a saved invitation email as described above.

Helpful Hint: Recruit's receiving an email with their own unique link will receive a link that looks similar to the following:

This link is unique to each individual and SHOULD NOT be forwarded or copied and pasted into future emails. 

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