Automated emails for CARA submission and access to submit CARA events is now driven by process roles within ARMS. The Process Role for CARA Submission can be any Process Role within the system.

By default, we have created the 'CARA Log Submitter' process role for your institution. We have also assigned that process role to the staff member who submitted the majority of CARA logs for their sport over the time you have been using ARMS.

If any adjustments need to be made the process roles for the staff members, these adjustments can be made from the process role section of their profile page.

However, if you would prefer to allow your entire coaching staff to be able to submit CARA events or just your head coaches, you can set the process role of "Coach" or "Head Coach" respectively as the process role for submitting CARA Events. For more information on how to do this see Defining the CARA Log Submitter.

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