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Module: Recruiting
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You can create as many Recruiting Boards as your programs needs - anything from ‘Warboards’ to individual recruiting area boards. Recruiting boards create a one-stop location to track targeted prospects in defined categories on both your computer and your mobile devices. Below are some basic actions that will make creating, using, and managing your board simple:

Adding a Recruiting Board

Access your ARMS Recruiting module and click on the Recruiting Boards menu item. You can create as many recruiting boards as you need. Name your board anyway you choose (Year, Positions, Groups, Assigned Coaches).

Adding Board Categories

Once your board is created, you can add as many categories to the board as you choose by clicking on the ‘+’ button at the top right of the screen. This is an open text box, so put in what you want to name your specific category that needs to be on this board.

Adding Recruits to your Categories

Once your categories have been created, you can search for the specific athletes you want to add to your categories. You can add prospects one-by-one or in bulk. To add one-by-one, just click on the arrow to the right of the prospect. To add in bulk, click on the check boxes to the left of the prospects, then click on the 'Menu' button to 'Add' the recruits.

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