The ARMS Data Team will import bulk data as provided in spreadsheets.

Examples of Recruiting Imports:

  • New Recruit Prospects/Campers

  • Evaluations

  • High School Coach Data

Do you use recruiting sites such as University Athlete or Coach Packet?

ARMS has custom tools built specifically for these types of imports. Simply export your data and email to our Support Team at

Import Recommendations

  • Contact First & Last Name

  • Contact Email Address - this information will help prevent duplicates from loading

  • Graduation Year (if applicable) - this information will drive Compliance rules

Helpful Hint: If you do not have access to email addresses and/or graduation years for your import, but have other personal information included, specify with your import request which contact fields (e.g. phone number, state, etc.) to use for matching.

Are you importing evaluations?


  • Event/Tournament Name

  • Event Date

  • Countable Evaluations - Yes or No?

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