Module: Recruiting
Page: Recruits, Recruit Saved Searches & Groups, Tournaments

Bulk updating allows a user to update a single field (i.e. Status, Assigned Coach, etc.) across multiple recruits at once. This option is found on your Recruit Management, Saved Searches & Groups, and Tournament pages.

  • Select the contacts to be updated by checking the box to the left of their name. You can select all on a page by checking the box to the left of Action.

  • Select Bulk Update from the menu button at the top right of the contact list.

  • Select the criteria to update (i.e. Status)

  • Define what the new Value should be and Update Recruits.

Note: Depending on the number of recruits selected, the update may take a while. After returning to the list, please allow time for the update to process before accessing the updated recruits.

Helpful Hint: You can Add Custom Fields to track data specific to your program's prospects and use the Bulk Update feature to update your fields in just a couple of clicks.

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