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Why is my CARA Log not Submittable?
Why is my CARA Log not Submittable?
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When a coach logs into ARMS and is ready to submit a log from the "Playing Season" page for their Team, there are times when they might not see a log to submit. Here are the most common reasons why a coach may not see a take to submit a log:

The Next Submission Date Is In the Future 

  • Compliance Administrators can set the frequency of CARA Approval to be weekly or monthly

  • The system automatically creates the "Next Checkpoint" based on Compliance's configuration

  • If the next checkpoint is in the future, the CARA Submission box will remain grey until that date, and a green bar will display the associated date.

  • Once the checkpoint date hits the box will turn blue and coaches will be able to submit their CARA.

The Coach does not have the assigned process role configured to be the CARA Submitter for their sport

  • Compliance Administrators can designate the process role that will be in charge of submitting CARA.

  • If a user does not have the associated process role they will not see the "CARA Submission" box in the top left of the Playing Season.

Please review the Managing CARA Log Submitter article to see how administrators can update the process role in charge of CARA Submissions.

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