Module: Recruiting
Page: Recruit Profile

A video evaluation can be performed on a prospect by using the evaluations feature on a prospect's profile. You can evaluate either an existing video of the prospect or choose to add and evaluate a new video link. This feature allows you to simultaneously evaluate a prospect's film while taking notes on the prospect.

Helpful Hint: Video evaluations will default to save as "non-countable" evaluations.

Adding Video Evaluations

  • Hover over the "Evaluations" button on the right side of the screen.

  • Click Video Eval on the right side

You can add a new video or view an existing video.

  • Paste your video link into top right bar labeled "insert video link here" and then click Add and Evaluate

  • Or click on an existing video

  • To save your evaluation click Save Evaluation in the lower right hand corner.

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