Previewing Workflow Forms

How to review workflow forms in ARMS.

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Module: Administration
Page: Workflows

All workflow forms will go through a process of review prior to Publishing the form and making it "live". In addition to previewing the form before it is flagged as published, a workflow form can be Previewed at any time for further review regardless of status.

Update to Video below: The "Preview" button is now displayed at the top-right of the page, just below the workflow name. 

How to Preview a Form

From the Settings module

  • Click on the page for Workflows

  • Click on the button for View Unpublished or View Published Version 

  • Click on the button for Preview (top-right of page) 

  • Complete the Form as if you are the submitter and approver at each step

Reviewing the Approval Process

The configured approval process or steps of the form can be viewed within the form Preview and form Details.



Within the Steps, you can click on any step to view more information, e.g, Step Rules, Post Step Actions & Automations.

Providing Feedback for Modifications

Once a form has been reviewed and changes are needed, requests should be sent to The following information is needed for all form updates:

  • The Name of the Workflow Form

  • The Step where the change(s) is needed

  • If headers have been used, the section of the form where the change(s) is needed.

  • The name of the current field to update

  • The exact change to be made.

Helpful Hint: A bullet-ed list of changes is a great format to provide feedback. It may also be helpful to print a copy of the form, mark up, scan, and email.

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