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Confirming and Denying Complimentary Tickets
Confirming and Denying Complimentary Tickets
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Module: Department
Page: Complimentary Tickets

All approvals are managed within the Details of each specific event on the Complimentary Tickets page of the Department module, Ticket Management Tab. This view gives you an overview of all of your upcoming, or all time, events, as well as a break down of the total number of requests by type (PSA, SA, Staff, or External)

To confirm or deny ticket requests, follow these steps:

  • Click on the name of the Event in the Ticket Management Tab

  • You are defaulted to view "All" Requests, but can filter down to only the "Requested" tickets to see those that are pending.

  • To Bulk update the requests, Check the box to the left of the request(s) and select Confirm or Deny from the menu button at the top right of the list OR

  • Individually update by clicking the Confirm or Deny button to the right of the individual request

If you have configured your facilities and sections for this event, a menu will appear prompting you to select which section you would like to add the guest(s) to.

Important: If you reject an SAs request, they will get the ticket back in their allocation queue to make another request for you to approve. If you inadvertently reject a request, the SA will need to re-submit the request for that guest.

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