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Complimentary Tickets - Managing Ticket Windows
Complimentary Tickets - Managing Ticket Windows
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Module: Department
Page: Complimentary Tickets

Managing the Request Windows

You can optionally set when tickets will be made available to student-athlete, staff, or recruit requests, by configuring either Hours before Event time in bulk or a specified Date/Time for each individual event.

Bulk Timing Before Events

From the Complimentary Tickets page in the Department module

  • Check on the Settings tab on the far right

  • Select the sport you wish to update

  • Filter to the request type you want to update (i.e. Student-Athlete, Recruit, Staff)

  • Update the Open and Close setting by Days, Hours, or Minutes prior to the event

Specified Date and Time for Event

  • From the Complimentary Tickets page in the Department module

  • Click on the Ticket Management Tab

  • Click into the specific Event you wish to update

  • You can either decide to utilize the Open Now/Close Now buttons at the top of the event for each specified group OR

  • Click into the Settings tab and update to a specific Date and Time for the window to Open/Close

Note: Ticket windows can be managed separately by Persona within ARMS, so you can have the Student-Athlete request window close at one time (say 8 hours before the game) but staff requests close at a separate time, giving you the ultimate flexibility in managing the requests from your different constituents.

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