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Student-Athletes: Team Complimentary Ticket Requests
Student-Athletes: Team Complimentary Ticket Requests
A How-To for Student-Athletes
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Module: My ARMS
Page: Complimentary Tickets

When logged into ARMS, Student-Athletes will only have the option to request tickets for events where the ticket window is "Open." Here student-athletes can request guest tickets or, if enabled, transfer tickets to fellow student-athletes on the active roster. Student-Athletes will be notified of all ticket approvals and/or rejections via an email notification from ARMS.

From the Complimentary Tickets page in the My ARMS module Student-Athletes will:

  • Click on the button for Request

  • A new modal will pop up for the SA to input their guests

  • For New Guest Requests: Click -- Add New Guest -- which will pop a window for the SA to complete department questions about their new guest

  • For Previously Allowed Guests: select the guest's name from the drop-down list available.

Once a guest is approved by the Department, they will automatically be added to the student-athlete's Allow Guest List for all future contests.  

If a contest is not available or "Open" for ticket requests, please contact your Department's Compliance Office or Ticket Office.

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