Module: Team, Department
Page: Roster, Student-Athlete

The Roster Management Alert is a tool to quickly identify the active accounts for student-athletes that are not on a current roster. The common occurrence when updating rosters from year to year is to move the student-athletes that are coming back for the upcoming academic year to the new roster and leave the others behind. However, with ARMS' holistic view of the athletic department, it is critical to move those student-athletes into the advancement module as alums/constituents once they've finished their time at your institution.

At the top of the Department -> Student Athlete page, as well as the Team -> Roster page, you will see a blue box across the top if you have any student-athletes with an active account that are not listed on the current academic year.

By clicking into this blue message you will be provided a list of all of the student-athletes that hit this criteria and the ability to bulk update these accounts as necessary. This screen will talk you through the status change wizard, and you can make bulk roster status changes or mark all the student-athletes as graduates of the institution and move them into the advancement module. To learn more about the roster status update wizard and how to use it see: Roster Change Interface

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