Module: Administration
Page: Sport

Custom Fields will allow you to store information about a contact in ARMS (Recruit/Student-Athlete/Constituent) that is specific to your sport.

Individual Sport Custom Fields

From the Administration module:

  • Click on the Sport page

  • Click on the individual Sport Name

  • Click on the tab for Recruit Fields or SA Fields

When adding a custom field you will be required to select:

  • a Name - this is the label for the field as displayed on the profile

  • a Category - this is tab where you will find the field on the profile

  • a Type - this is how the information will be entered. Textbox - a free-form text field, Textarea - a paragraph field or Picklist - a drop-down list of options to select from

Helpful Hint: Use the Picklist Type when there is a defined selection of responses such as Yes/No, Red/Blue/Green, 1st/2nd/3rd. This will reduce confusion with the staff and keep your data clean.

Student-Athlete Custom Fields can optionally be Year Specific. This means that the value entered will only display for the Academic Year selected at the top of the profile.

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