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Designated student-athletes will periodically receive ARMS notifications to approve CARA submissions. Student-athletes will be prompted review and approve submitted events, created by their coaches, which will then be sent to compliance.

Steps to Approving CARA: 

Email Notification

  • From the Email Notification, a Student-Athlete can choose to Approve All Events (clicking the green button) or Review In Detail (clicking the red text).

  • Clicking the red text will log the athlete into ARMS to review each individual event. Here the athlete can choose to reject specific events to the Compliance Office and denote the rationale for rejecting the event.

Note: an athlete can only reject an event where they were a participant.  

Task Assignment in ARMS account

  • Student-Athletes will also be alerted via an "ARMS Alert" (the notification on the torch) and have an Event Certification Task sitting at the top of their Dashboard when they log into ARMS. 

  • The Student-Athlete can click "Review Events" to dive into the details of the Submitted CARA Events.

On the review screen, the events will appear pre-set to YES. This YES will be stating that the Student-Athlete is approving the event. (P.S. - If all events are correct, leave them marked as YES and hit SUBMIT in the bottom right hand corner) If you wish to reject the event click the Certified toggle to display NO.

Note: Rejected events will be sent to Compliance for final review where they have the ability to override the student rejection or send it back to the CARA Log Submitter for revision.

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