The ARMS CARA Compliance engine evaluates a program's playing season schedule against over 200 rules from Section 17 in the NCAA Division I and Division II manuals.

  • Playing Season Configuration - Championship and Nonchampionship segments are evaluated for rules related to first available date of practice, first available date of competition, and length of season.

  • Individual Events - Events are evaluated to verify that they can occur as scheduled based on rules related to when CARA is not allowed or based on specific types of CARA.

  • Student-Athlete Participation - Each student-athlete's participation minutes are tallied across day, week, and segment to validate against limits on total hours of activity.

The Academic Terms and Vacation Periods you set up are taken into account, so be sure to properly reflect your terms, finals dates, and vacation periods.

As changes are made to the Playing Season configuration or each team's individual schedule, the CARA Compliance engine evaluates the schedule and identifies any potential issues. Issues are then visible for Administrators and Coaches on the Playing Season calendar.


Issues can also be reviewed by Compliance in a tabular format on the "CARA Issues" screen in the Compliance module.

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