Complimentary Ticket Pass Lists

Instructions for printing pass lists

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Module: Department
Page: Complimentary Tickets

Tab: Events

ARMS offers flexible options when it comes to the printing of pass lists. Each list will be generated directly from the specific event on the Ticket Management tab in Complimentary Tickets.

From the Complimentary Tickets page in the Department module:

  • Click on the Events tab

  • Click the specific event you are reporting on

  • Click the Generate Guest List button at the top of the page

This will provide a wizard to selection options for reporting:

  • Ticket Request Types (Do SA guests go to a different gate than Prospects?)

  • Request Status (Confirmed only?)

  • Requesting Sport (do some sports check in at a different gate?)

  • Format (PDF grouped by guest, PDF in alpha order by Recipient, sortable Spreadsheet)

Generating a Spreadsheet will adhere to the type, status, and sport selections made and also include any details about the guest that may have been provided during the initial guest request.

Helpful Hint: All ticket transfers between student-athletes are automatically tracked within ARMS. On both the printed sign-in sheet and the exported excel sheet, we will denote the origination of each ticket so you can confirm that all tickets requested were within the legislated maximum for that event.

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