Module: Compliance
 Page: Recruiting Person Days

Recruiting Person Day Calculations

ARMS will automatically count a recruiting person day for a coach when there is at least one countable evaluation or contact logged for that coach on that day. The system will look at each date during the set window (i.e. eval period or academic year) that a coach has a countable activity and roll those up to give you the total number of recruiting person days that the coach has utilized. It will then aggregate the total number of recruiting person days for each staff member to give you the sport's recruiting person day used and compare that against the legislated maximum.

Recruiting Person Days Interface

Within the Compliance Module we have built out a Recruiting Person Days page for you to quickly view the total recruiting person days utilized by each of your staffs that have a legislated maximum allotted to them in Bylaw 13. This screen list your full staff, the total recruiting person days they have used individually and as a staff, and the maximum amount allotted to their sport within Bylaw 13.

Each sport will have a separate widget within the recruiting person days page, and each widget is protected by the users security settings, so when your men's basketball coach goes to this page they will only see the information for their staff. For football, we have also built in the Spring and Fall evaluation periods for you to track the recruiting person days used during those specific time periods.

Viewing Specific Sport and Coach Activities

From the recruiting person days page you have the ability to view all of the countable evaluations logged for the full staff or each individual on the staff. You can click "View Details" at the top of the sports' card to see all of the recruiting activities during that academic year for the staff, or you can click on the name of the specific coach you want to review. This will push you into the recruiting activity screen with the proper sport, coach and date filters set to review all of the evaluations and contacts that were logged in the system and triggered a recruiting person day.

  • Selecting the Coach's Name will filter to only their countable activities

  • The date range is set based on the recruiting period you are reviewing (ie. Spring Football Evals, or Men's Basketball Academic Year)

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