Module: Recruiting, Team, Department
Page: Recruits, Roster

ARMS users can now designate a Relationship (of recruit or student-athlete) to be a "Key Contact" by clicking on a star next to their name. This allows users to easily email related contacts that have been deemed to be "Key Contacts."

Why use it? A use case for this would be, Mom is the influencer for Kid A (i.e. she really drives decision making), but the Head Coach is the influencer for Kid B. As a result, a user would want to send a targeted email to the key decision maker for a recruit.

Steps to Assigning Key Contacts

  • Begin by opening up either the Recruiting module and clicking the Recruits page, or the Team module and clicking the Roster page

  • From there, select your specific recruit/student-athlete.

  • On their page, you will see a badge at the top of a little profile card with an @ symbol on it. Click here.

  • From there a list of all of the relationships will appear on a users screen. Users are then able to star important Key Contacts.

  • The Key Contact flag will appear on the Recruit Profile within the Relationships badge.

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