Module: Recruiting, Department
Page: Recruit Profile, Recruit Promotion

Option 1: From the Recruit Profile

  • Find the recruit's profile using the Global Search at the top of the site by typing their name, or manually search for them in the "recruits" tab under the Recruits module.

  • Within the profile, click the Menu Button at the top, right of the profile

  • Select Promote to Roster and enter the required information

Note: If you do not have this option, please contact your Compliance Office or ARMS Support for assistance.

Option 2: From the Recruit Management screen

  • From the Recruiting Module select the "Recruits" tab

  • Click Promote to the left of their name and enter the required information

Adding New Student-Athletes

Adding new student-athletes can be done manually in ARMS or via imports through the ARMS Data Team. For step-by-step instructions on these options, please review the article for Adding Rosters & Student-Athletes.

Pro-Tip: Have your coaches update their incoming athletes (currently recruits in ARMS) to a status of "Pending Student-Athlete". This will allow Administration to run exports on the incoming class, update the export with University ID & Email, and send back to ARMS for import to the roster. ARMS will then automatically associate recruit profiles to the new student-athlete profiles!

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