The first step for rolling over to the new academic year is to create the upcoming academic year in the administration module. The Defining the Academic Year Article will walk you through that process.

Once you have create the new academic year, you can now follow these four steps to update your Student-Athletes:

1. Update any student-athletes who will not be returning for the next academic year. To do so, check the box next to their name and select “Make Roster Change” from the action menu.

2. Once in the roster status change wizard, you can select whether the SA graduated, left the program or transferred. When finalizing the change in status you will be asked whether you would like to create a constituent profile for that SA.

Note: This process can be done in bulk by checking the box next to each SA with the same status change (i.e. graduated).

3. After updating the status of all the SAs that will not be returning to the program, you will be faceted to only show SAs with the Current Standing of "In Program". Select all of the SAs in the upper left hand corner of the roster and then select "Make Roster Change" from the action menu. You will now have the option to select "Roll Over to New Academic Year" and pick the new academic year's Official Roster.

4. Finally, you can promote your incoming PSAs to the new roster. You can do this by going to the Recruit Promotion menu within the Department Module. From here you will be able to promote the PSA to the new roster year by clicking the Promote button on the left hand column next to their name. You will be prompted to fill out their official e-mail (which will become their username), the sport, roster year and roster status.

Note: By promoting your recruits to the new roster, their SA profile will be linked to all of their previous recruiting information and all related contacts will migrate with them.

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