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Roster Change Interface - Status Changes & Additional Sports
Roster Change Interface - Status Changes & Additional Sports
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Module: Department
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We've simplified the way you manage your rosters and roll student-athletes over to the upcoming year by standardizing all roster changes to one page using a wizard.

Making a Roster Change - Status Changes & Additional Sports

The "Roster Status Update" wizard will walk you step by step through the process of updating a student-athlete's status and making the associated changes to their user account.

This functionality can be accessed from either the Team Module on the Roster page or the Department Module on the Student-Athlete page.  Users can also make this change directly from the Student-Athlete's "Roster Status & Eligibility" widget inside their profile.

Once you've selected "Make Roster Change", you will go into a wizard tool that will ask you if you want to make a status change, roll the student-athlete to a new roster year, or add them to an additional sport.

Based on your decision, a new menu of options will populate. For this example, the student-athlete quit the team. After selecting "Quit Team" the system automatically asks if I would like to keep the student-athlete's profile active (so they can still log in and complete workflows I may need them to finish) and whether I would like to roll them into the advancement module as a constituent/alum.

Once these selections are made, the next step is a summary screen showing you all of the changes you are about to make for final confirmation.

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