Module: Time Management
Page: Playing Seasons

As a Compliance user you will be able to use the Playing Seasons page to manage your Certification and Segment Configuration and get an overview for the CARA approval progress.

Calendar and Log Quick Link (Purple Arrows): The purple arrows are pointing at two icons, clicking on the left icon will take you to the playing and practice logs page where you can view submitted logs for that specific sport. Clicking on the right icon will take you to the Playing Seasons calendar for that specific sport.

Coach Submission Status (Red Oval): Inside of the Coach status column you will be able to identify overdue coach submissions. If you have overdue submissions the number of days overdue will be visible

Departmental Approval Status (Blue Rectangle): Inside of the blue rectangle you will be able to see the Pending Approvals for Student-Athletes and Department users, you will also be able to see how many CARA logs are ready for Final Approval.

Logs Ready for Final Approval (Green Rectangle): You can view all of the Playing and Practice Logs that are ready for final approval by clicking the "Click here to review and approve" hyperlink.

Certification Configuration (Yellow Rectangle): Inside of the Yellow rectangle you will be able to designate the number of SA approvers and set the frequency of CARA Submissions. See help article about Configuring S-A Approvers and Setting Frequency Here

Segment Configuration (Orange Rectangle): Inside of the Orange rectangle is where you will go to configure the segments for your sport. To view the help article of Segment Configuration click Here

Reminder Emails (Black Arrow): Using this button you can send an email to remind all Student-Athletes of the outstanding approvals that they have assigned to them.

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