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The ARMS Support Team will build your internal paper forms directly in ARMS to complete electronically, track statuses, and automate your process.

Building a New Custom Form

Send a copy of your current paper or Excel form to the ARMS Support Team to

Note: Forms should be sent in .doc, original .pdf or .xls format. Scanned documents cannot be accepted, as they are an image of the original.

Along with a copy of your current form, please include the following:

  • The approval steps in order and which user(s) should have access to approve for each step.

  • Who will initiate or be the initial submitter of the form?

  • Who is the form about? i.e. is the coach filling it out about themselves or a prospective student-athlete

  • Any special circumstances. For example, the Compliance Team only needs to approve if the Travel Type is for "Recruiting".

Helpful Hint: ARMS offers a variety of default forms that can be made available upon request. These forms are completely customizable and are just a template as a starting point. Please checkout our full list of default forms and email our Support Team at with the form names you would like to preview.

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