Module: Recruiting, Team, Department
Page: Recruit Pages, Student-Athlete Pages

ARMS is configured with default column sets when viewing your lists of contacts in Recruiting, Team and Department. However, users have the option to create unlimited customized column sets.

Customize an Existing Column Set

  • Click the action menu at the top, right of the list and select Customize View from the bottom of the list. This will allow you to customize your current list view.

  • Drag and Drop fields from the left into the column set, drag fields to re-order or drag fields off of the column set to the left menu to remove.

  • Update the Column Set name and Save As if you do not wish to overwrite the current view.

Create a New Column Set from Scratch

  • In the Administration module, Click on the page for Custom Views

  • Click the Add Layout button and Select one of the available Column Sets

  • Drag and Drop available fields from the left and reorder as needed

  • Enter a Name for the column set and Save

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