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What happens when a form is rejected?
What happens when a form is rejected?
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Module: Workflows
Page: Form Hub

Submitted forms can be rejected by the Approver at the current approval step. A form can be rejected back to any specified step that occurred prior to the current step with comments that will be displayed to the user.

Upon a rejection of a form, the User at the approval step that the form has been rejected to will receive notification via the torch at the top of the site and/or an email notification from ARMS.

Helpful Hint: A form should be rejected if there are updates that can be made so that the form will be approved. If the form is not going to be approved, the Deny option should be used and the form will not move forward in the approval process.

When the person or role that the workflow is being rejected back to opens the form they will see all of their existing answers in an editable state. They can then modify their answers as necessary and resubmit.

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