Module: Team, Recruiting, Advancement
Page: Email Editor

Submitting a New Email Theme Request

From the Workflows module:

  • Click on the Workflow Launchpad page

  • Click on the workflow form ARMS - Custom Email Theme Request

  • Click the button for Launch

  • Enter all Required Information and Submit

If you only need to make changes to an existing theme, send a request to the ARMS Support Team at help@armssoftware with details of the changes and any replacement images.

Using Your Email Theme

Email Themes can be applied to drafted emails on the ARMS Website or your mobile device using the ARMS Coach app.

From the Email Editor:

  • Click the button for No Theme Selected at the top of the page

  • A list of all available themes will display

  • Highlight and Click the Theme to apply

Helpful Hint: Once you have written out the content of your email, you can preview how the theme looks with the body of the email using the Preview button

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