Module: Recruiting, Team
Page: Recruit Profile, Student-Athlete Profile

A prospective student-athlete’s profile is fully customizable to fit the needs of the coaching staffs. Any standard or custom fields can be added, removed, or moved in a recruit's profile to create a view that best fits the coaching staff's needs.

There are four customizable zones:

  • Snapshot Info

  • Ratings

  • Top Info Left Column

  • Top Info Right Column

You can toggle between different saved views using the menu button in the top, right of the profile. The title of the current view will be colored grey. By clicking Customize View in the drop down menu you will go to the Recruit Profile Designer where you can edit the layout of the recruits profile.

To Edit the Layout:

  • Drag and drop the fields you want in the profile, remove the fields you do not by dragging to the left menu, and re-order the fields as needed.

  • All available fields are in the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen and are organized by section of the profile (i.e. Personal, Athletic, Academic...).

To Save the Layout:

  • Save the changes as an update to the current layout by clicking Save or

  • Rename the layout view and click Save As to create a new layout in addition to your other saved views.

All saved profile views can be managed in the Administration module on the Custom Views page. You can start a new profile layout from scratch by clicking the Add Layout button on the top right corner of the screen. If you have multiple views saved, you can toggle between them using the menu in the top, right corner of the profile.

Helpful Hint: If there are custom fields you would like to track, fields not default to ARMS, you can create them in the Administration module. See Creating Custom Fields.

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