Module: Department/Team
Page: Student-Athletes/Roster

Adding Student-Athletes is a permission based feature. If any of the below options are unavailable to you, please contact your Department's ARMS Administrator (typically the Compliance office) or the ARMS Support Team at

Option 1: Import

A list of student-athletes can be imported into ARMS by working with the Support Team at To import a list of Student-Athletes, the following information is required:

  • First/Last Name

  • Sport Code

  • University Email Address

  • Student ID

  • Required Spreadsheet Format: .xls or .csv

As student-athletes are imported to ARMS, they will be added to the Official Roster unless otherwise specified.

Helpful Hint: you are not limited to only those required fields; you may choose to include additional information such as Grad Year, First Term Enrolled, Birth Date, etc.

Option 2: Manual

A new student-athlete (walk-on, transfer, etc.) can be added to a team roster from the Department or Team module.

  • Click Student-Athletes or Roster in the menu

  • Select the Add Student-Athlete button in the upper, right corner of the page

  • Enter the required information about the new student-athlete

  • Save.

Upon saving a new student-athlete, a user account will be created for the student-athlete. If provided, the Student ID will be the temporary password for that student-athlete's user account.

Option 3: Promoting a Recruit to Student-Athlete

If the new student-athlete is already a recruit in that sport's database, you can promote the recruit directly to the Team Roster from the Department module (or directly on the recruit's profile).

  • Click Recruit Promotion in the menu

  • Filter the page by sport and/or status to narrow your search results

  • Click Promote and enter the required information

  • Optionally, find the recruit's profile using the Global Search at the top of the site by typing their name

  • Within the profile, click the Menu Button at the top, right of the profile

  • Select Promote to Roster and enter the required information

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