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The data and information loaded in ARMS are segmented by Module, which relates to the type of data entered. Each module, when clicked, will include various pages to find and organize that data type's information.

Most modules and the pages available within are permission-based. If you do not see a page that you feel you should have access to, please contact your Department's System Administrator or the ARMS Support Team at

ARMS Modules:


  • The My ARMS module will display overall information for your sport or department, inclusive of both recruiting and team activities. As well as access to your ARMS profile.


  • The Workflows module is where you can review and approve forms (Forms Hub), Report on specific forms (Forms Explorer) and submit or assign a new form (Workflow Launchpad).


  • The Calendar Module is where you can view all events (CARA, recruiting trip, class schedules, birthday) associated with a team. If you have access to multiple sports, you can view events for multiple sports in this module.


  • The Recruiting module is where all of a specific sport's recruiting contacts (prospects and their related contacts) are stored and all associated recruiting activities are logged.


  • The Team module gives you access to communicate with a specific team's roster and manage the team's calendar (CARA Activities).


  • The Compliance module serves purpose for both Coaches and the Compliance Office. Here you can view all logged recruiting activities, potential recruiting and team violations, manage Playing & Practice Season Logs (CARA), and manage Student-Athlete Complimentary Tickets.


  • The Department module offers a view of athletes, recruits, and team activities across all sports. Additionally, the School Directory provides a way to quickly email with all of your active staff and athletes from one page.


  • The Academics Module allows users to manage Progress Towards Degree and Communicate with Student-Athletes across all sports.

Financial Aid

  • The Financial Aid module is where financial aid can be managed for all individual sports.


  • The Advancement module gives you access to manage and communicate with alumni, friends of the program and other associated contacts for your individual sport or across the whole athletic department.


  • The Administration module is where you can manage all of the settings that drive rules, views and available content across all other modules. This module can be considered the "Setup" of ARMS.

ARMS Camps

  • ARMS offer a "Camp" product to accept online, credit-card registrations through a custom Marketing Website. This is not only for camp/clinic registrations, but can be utilized for Fundraising as well. Interested? Contact

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