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Generating an Export


  • Filter results to those that you want to include in the export, i.e. grad year, position, etc.

  • OR select the Saved Search/Group you would like to export

  • Select Export from the menu at the top, right corner of the list

Default Exports

 Full Export
 This report provides recruit profile information to include custom fields. This is the most comprehensive export available and can be sorted using the various columns.
 Mailing List
 This report provides Home Address and High School Address information by recruit and is helpful in creating mailing labels.
 Eval Worksheet
 This report provides general & team information for all recruits and is typically used to make bulk evaluations. In addition to added evaluations, contact information can be updated and new prospects added to the list to be imported to the ARMS database.

Customized Exports

In addition to the default exports provided, users can create customized exports from scratch or by utilizing the default exports as a template. Customized Exports are managed in the Administration module on the Custom Views page.

  • Select View to the left of the export you would like to customize

  • Drag and Drop fields from the left into the column set, drag fields to re-order or drag fields off of the column set to the left menu to remove. Note: you can minimize field options by type, by clicking on the type header (i.e. Personal)

  • Update the Export Name and Save As if you do not wish to overwrite the existing export.

You can build an export from scratch by clicking the Add New Layout button at the top, right of the page.

All exports generated are stored and saved in the Administration module on the Exports page.

Helpful Hint: When generating an export, provide a brief description of the information included in the report (i.e. 2014 4-5 Star Prospects). This will provide context for what was included in the report when viewing the list of exports at a later time.

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