Module: Recruiting, Team, Department, Academics, Advancement
Page: Recruits, Roster, Related Contacts, Student-Athletes, Constituents

Facets are searchable data fields that can help you narrow search results in a matter of a couple of clicks.

You can save selected search criteria as a Saved Search. See Saved Search

  • Filter your results using the available facets

  • Click the button Save Search Options at the top of the list

Can I customize my facet list?

ARMS offers a number of default fields in the Search Facet. However, for Recruits, custom fields can be optionally included. See Creating Custom Fields

From the Administration module:

  • Click your Sport

  • Click the tab for Recruit Facets

  • Add, Remove, and Move fields as needed

Helpful Hint: Only include fields that have a limited number of potential values, such as fields with a picklist of options. Including a field like Hobbies will create a very long list of available criteria.

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