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Module: Recruiting, Team, Academics, Advancement
โ€‹Page: Saved Searches & Groups

Saved Searches are a quick and easy way of grouping like individuals based on specified criteria. These groups update automatically as individuals meeting the specified criteria are added to, removed from, or changed in the ARMS database.

To create a Saved Search:

  • Access the list of individuals you wish to create a saved search for (Recruits, Roster, Constituents)

  • Use the facets (filters) on the left hand side of the screen to filter down to the criteria you want to base your saved search around

  • Click the Saved Search Options button at the top left of the screen and you will be prompted to name your new saved search

You can view and manage all Saved Searches on the Groups page of each module via the Saved Search tab.

Note: Saved Searches are available on both the web and mobile apps

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