Emailing Related Contacts
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Module: Recruiting, Team

Page: Recruits, Roster

ARMS now allows users to email Related Contacts directly from the email modal based on the selected Recruits or SAs. Users are now able to select desired recipients, have the option to not include recruits, and to use mail merge tokens when an email is ABOUT a recruit, but doesn't include a recruit in the email's recipients.

Steps to Email Related Contacts 

  • On the top left, under Compose Email, click on the header To: (edit) Add Related Contacts

  • Next, the Choose Recipients popup will appear on the users screen. All of the originally selected recipients will appear.

  • If the user wishes to send an email to the related contacts of the originally selected recipients, the user may deselect Recruit/ SA and click on the following tabs next to (Recruit or Student-Athletes).

Steps to use Mail Merge Tokens (only on Recruiting Profile)

If a coach would like to send an email addressing the Recruit's Key Contacts, users are able to use the Mail Merge Tokens on the Compose Email popup. Here a coach can personalize the email by addressing the email directly to the Key Contact, but reference the specific recruit's name within the email

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