Adding Recruits into ARMS
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Module: Recruiting
Page: Quick Links (for manual adds), Pending Questionnaires

Option 1: Imports

The ARMS Support Team is happy to import spreadsheets (.xls/.csv) of recruit data. All spreadsheets can be sent to to be loaded to the ARMS database.

Helpful Hint: If you are currently using a different recruiting service provider (Ex. FrontRush, UA, etc.) you can export or request an export of data. This export can be provided to our team to load.

Option 2: Manually Add in ARMS

You can choose to manually add recruits one-by-one as needed using the option in the Quick Links menu of the Recruiting module.

  • Click Add New Recruit in the menu below the list of modules

  • Enter First & Last name at a minimum. ARMS recommends adding in Email and Grad Year as well.

Helpful Hint: If adding in a High School, be sure to type the Name of the school and the city to narrow your search results (Ex. Saint Mary Richmond)

Option 3: Questionnaires

By supplying a public URL on your university website for your questionnaire, prospects can submit their information to be reviewed by the coaching staff and added to the database. ARMS provides a default questionnaire for all programs and our Support Team is happy to help you customize fields as necessary.

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