Module: Administration
Page: Security, User Profile

From time-to-time it is helpful to impersonate another active user in the database to move a process forward on behalf of or to view a page through that user's eyes.

How do I impersonate another user?

The option to impersonate another user is located directly on the profile of the ARMS User/SA Profile. Simply type the user's name into the Global Search at the top of the site and click their ARMS User or Student-Athlete profile.

ARMS User (i.e. coaches and staff)


Who can impersonate another user?

The System Administrator access role has the permission to impersonate a user by default. This permission can be added to an existing role and/or be created as its own Access Role to be given to individual users. Access roles are managed in the Administration module.

  • Click on the page for Security

  • Click on the tab for Access Roles

  • To add to an existing role, Click the Access Role Name

  • To add to a new role, Click the Add Access Role at the top, right of the page

  • Within the Administration category, Click "Can impersonate users?" to Yes

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