Module: Workflows
Page: Forms Explorer

The Forms Explorer offers a reporting view on specific individual workflow forms in ARMS. Because the Forms Explorer allows the user to report on one specific form, fields directly within the form can optionally be displayed within the grid for sorting and all fields from a form can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Exporting Form Details

The exporting of form details allows users to sort columns by answers to various questions within a form and the ability to provide the export to other systems for import (ie: athletic training systems, campus systems).

Adding Form Fields to the Grid 

Fields/Questions within a workflow form can be shown in the Forms Explorer Grid by clicking Customize Fields and checking the Display box. This will display the workflow field as a sortable column within the grid for that specific form.

Why displaying fields are helpful?

There are times when a user is looking for a specific form based on date of travel or invoice number. Without showing these details in the grid, the user would have to know who submitted the form and when to pinpoint the correct form for review.

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