All messages sent through ARMS can be found in a single location within ARMS Mobile. Using the Conversations screen, Users can access all of their existing individual or group conversations. The list displays the most recently updated conversations first and specifically identifies conversations containing unread messages.

Tip: The Conversations page works similarly to popular Messaging apps that you may already use (e.g. GroupMe, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts), allowing you to search through all of your conversations, respond to your messages, and start new conversations.

Starting a New Conversation

Conversations can be started on various screens within ARMS Mobile. This section covers the process of starting a conversation from scratch.

  1. Open the Conversations screen

  2. Select the "+" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

  3. Choose any combination of Individuals and Groups by tapping on the associated row

  4. After you have created the Recipient List, tap Next

  5. Type the new message

  6. Tap Send

Tip: You can search for individuals or groups using either the Search option at the top of the selection step or the To option at the top of the compose step

Figure 1: Add Individuals and/or Groups to the Recipient List

Update an Existing Conversation

  1. Open the Messaging screen

  2. Scroll through your Conversations to find one to update

  3. Tap on the Conversation within the list

  4. Type the new message

  5. Tap Send

Tip: Each Conversation with the recipient of an Announcement will be updated when the Announcement is sent. 

Figure 2: All conversations display within the Conversations screen

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