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The ARMS Mobile app for the iPhone is enabled to upload documents as images. By utilizing either an existing photo or using your camera to take a new one, you can add these photos to the prospects "Documents" page on both the Web and Mobile app.

Adding Documents with Mobile App on iPhone

To add documents (example: Transcripts or Test Scores) with your iPhone Mobile app:

  • Access the prospect you’d like to update

  • Tap on the Update button (at the top right of the profile page, box with arrow up).

  • Select the Add Document icon at the top right of the pop-up menu.

  • Select either the Choose Photo or Take Photo option

  • Once you have either selected an image or taken a photo, you will be brought to the Add Document screen. Here you will need to Name (or Rename) the document, provide a description (both required) and add any optional notes.

  • Tap Save and the document will be added to the prospect.

Note: You can view the document by accessing the Documents badge on the mobile profile page by scrolling over to the badge under the contact bar (Video Below) . And remember, all saved documents are available as needed when creating an Academic Eval and/or using Workflow in ARMS.

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