Module: Administration
Page: Workflows

ARMS Process Roles define a user's role in your department's processes and provide necessary access to individual workflows forms built in ARMS. This can be anything from the ability to approve a step to viewing information on a submitted form.

Process Roles differ from Access Roles. Access Roles define the functions and pages within ARMS that a user has access to, whereas Process Roles define their role within the many processes that occur in the department. For instance, many users may share the same common Access Role (ie: Departmental Administrator) but have varying Process Roles (ie: Academics, Financial Aid, Facilities, SID).

Creating Roles

Roles are created as new workflows are configured. Additional Roles can be manually created within the Administration module on the Workflows or Security page, using the Process Roles tab.

Be sure to take into consideration each role when you create it. Creating too many roles can become difficult to maintain over time. If you would like to discuss this topic when creating a role, feel free to contact ARMS Support.

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