Module: Administration
Page: Workflows

Packets allow you to group multiple workflow forms together to be assigned out to Student-Athletes or other ARMS Users at one time.

All Packets are created and managed in the Administration module:

  • Click on the Workflows Page

  • Click on the tab for Packets

  • Click Add Packet to create a brand new packet from scratch or Click Edit to update an existing Packet

Note: Workflow Forms must be Published to be available for a packet.

Helpful Hint: Annually, ARMS will load the NCAA Student-Athlete Preseason forms and place them in their own, assignable packet for all Divisions.

Workflow packets are most commonly used with student-athlete in-processing paperwork. Workflow packets enable you to create customized groupings of workflow to go to the right groups of athletes (ie: Incoming vs Returners, Men vs Women).

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