Users can view both their Team and Recruiting Calendars from within the ARMS Mobile app. Events are displayed in either a calendar-based (Month) or list-based (Schedule) view. From the Calendar, Users can tap on any event to access specific details.

Where is the Calendar Located?

To access the Calendar in the ARMS Mobile app, tap the action menu in the top left-hand corner, and from the menu that appears tap the word Calendar.

Calendar Views

There are two (2) ways to view the Calendar.

  1. Month View: When viewing the Calendar in Month View, you will default to today's date. If you have any events for the day they are displayed directly below the calendar in list form.

  2. Schedule View: Selecting the Schedule View in the bottom right corner will bring up all of the events related to you in a list format, with the date as a header and events for that day below it.

Using the Calendar

  1. Switch Between Views: Tap on the link in the bottom-right corner of the Calendar to switch between Month and Schedule views.

  2. Jump to Today: Tap on the "Today" link in the bottom-left corner of the Calendar to update the selected date to the current date.

Figure1: Month View

Figure 2: Schedule View

Note: Only Dates containing events will be displayed within the Schedule View.

How do I View the Details of an Event?

From any list of events, tap on an Event's name.

Figure 3: Event Details

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