As Users send bulk Announcements to Student-Athletes and/or Staff members, ARMS tracks delivery and open statistics in real-time. This allows a sender to confirm their recipients' interaction with the message and also highlights any recipients that have yet to download the ARMS Mobile app.

A User can track this data for any bulk Announcements that they have sent, using the Announcements screen within the Messaging module.

Manage Sent Announcements

The Announcements list displays all bulk announcements sent by the Current User. They are listed with the most recently sent message at the top. The information shown in the list will update automatically as recipients engage with an Announcement.

  1. Select Messgaging from the Navigation Menu

  2. Tap on the Announcements menu option at the bottom of the screen

  3. Announcements are displayed based on Sent Date (most recent at the top)

Figure 1: A list of Announcements

Track Recipient Engagement

To view the status of specific recipients of an Announcement:

  1. Open the Announcements screen

  2. Tap on the Announcement

  3. Recipients are displayed in alphabetical order

To the right of each recipient's name are three (3) status values.

  • Sent - The message was successfully sent to the recipient

  • Received - The message was successfully delivered to the recipient's device

  • Read - The message has been read by the recipient

Figure 2: The Announcement Detail screen

Recipients without the ARMS Mobile App

If the recipient of an Announcement has not downloaded the ARMS Mobile app, a message will appear in place of the status indicators. The message will read, "This recipient has not enabled messaging."

NOTE: Each time an announcement is sent to a user that has not downloaded the app, ARMS automatically sends an email/SMS to them with a link to download the app. For more information on this process, you can read Automated Email to Recipients.

Figure 3: A recipient that has yet to download the ARMS Mobile app

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