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As an ARMS user, coaches are able to communicate with their Staff and Student-Athletes through the ARMS Mobile App.

There are three different types of messages you can send through the ARMS Mobile App:

  • Team Announcements

  • SA/Staff Blast Message

  • Staff Group Message

Team Communication (Desktop)

Team Communication (Mobile)

Team Announcements are a quick and easy way for coaches to communicate with Student-Athletes and Staff members.

To send a Team Announcement:

1.) Navigate to the main menu then, select Messaging, then at the bottom of the next screen select Announcements.

2. Search for and Select the Staff members and/or Student-Athletes that you would like to include on this Team Announcement

3. Once you have the recipients selected, click the Next button to go to the screen where you will type out the message and send it.

The great thing about Team Announcements is that each message comes with a read receipt that you can view on the Announcements Page. On this screen, you can view whether or not the announcement was Sent/Read by the recipient.

SA/Staff Blast Message are a quick way to send a message out to Student-Athletes and/or Staff Members, this message will be received by the Staff Member or Student-Athlete as an individual message that the SA or Staff Member can reply directly back to the sender on.

To send an SA/Staff Blast Message:

1. Navigate to Main Menu then select the Messaging page, on the screen that appears make sure you are on the Conversations page, then click the Compose Message icon in the upper-left corner.

2. On the "Add Recipients" screen select the Student-Athletes and/or Staff Members that you wish to send the message too.

3. Once you have your Recipients list set, click next, type up your message and send it.

Staff Group Messages are a way for Coaches to communicate in a group text environment.

To send a Staff Group Message:

1. Navigate to the Main Menu and select the Team Management page, then select the Staff tab in the bottom-right corner.

2. From the Staff Page select the menu in the top-right corner and select the Send Announcement option

3. On the next screen type out your message and send it to the group, all replies to this message can be seen by all recipients of the original message that created the group.

For Student-Athletes

When Student-Athletes receive a message from a coach in ARMS they will receive a push notification for the message, and the ARMS Mobile App Icon will have a number in the upper-right corner (just like a Facebook or Email notification)

To view a new message, the Student-Athlete will need to open the app then click the Blue highlighted rectangle under the Alert Center.

Note: As a coach, if you would like to prompt all of the Student-Athletes on your team to download the ARMS app, send out a Team Announcement. What we will do is send each recipient email notifying them that they have a message from coach waiting for them in the ARMS app. The email will also include a link to the Apple or Playstore where the SA can download the app.

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