As an administrator, you have the ability update the users who have or do not have access to launch specific workflows based on the Process Roles associated with their accounts.

To update the launch roles for a specific workflow:

  1. From the Administration module and click on the Workflows page

  2. Click "View Published Version" for the workflow you want to update

  3. Click "Edit" in the top right corner

  4. Open the Picklist for "Launch Roles" and check all Process Roles (i.e. Coach, Compliance Team) that should be able to launch the workflow

  5. Hit "Save Changes" and the workflow will now be in the Launchpad for all users with that associated Process Role

Note: All Users with the Process Role listed in Launch Roles have the option to either assign the workflow to another user or kickoff the workflow for themselves. For more information on Process Roles, see Creating Process Roles and/or Assigning Process Roles

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