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Logging Off-Campus Contacts (via Mobile App)
Logging Off-Campus Contacts (via Mobile App)
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Module: iPhone & Android AppPage: Recruiting

On your Mobile App, you can log Off-Campus Contacts two ways - through the Recruit's Profile or through the High School Profile page.

Recruit Profile Page

During a Contact Period, it is advised to go directly to the recruit's profile that you are logging a contact for; however, you can still go through the High School tab to find the recruit.

To find a recruit via the High School: click on the Recruits button to access the list of recruits associated with the School. From there, select the recruit you would like to log a contact for.

Logging an Individual Contact:

  • Tap on the recruit's name you would like to log a contact for

  • Tap the Action button at the top right of the profile page (on iPhone) or the Plus button at the bottom right of the profile (on Android)

  • Select the Log Off Campus Contact icon

High School Profile Page

During a Contact Period, you can also log contacts through the High School’s profile page on the iPhone Only or on your computer if on Android. When logging from the High School page, our system is designed to use the specified Grad Year to log Contacts to all High School Seniors, while logging Evaluations for all underclassmen.

To log contacts through the HS page:

  • Tap the High School name you are visiting

  • Tap the Upload button at the top right (mobile app) or Add Visit button on the Visit History section of the HS profile page on the web

  • Select the Log Visit icon (mobile app).

Helpful Hint: Be aware that the date is auto filled for the day you are creating the log. If you are logging the contact after the fact (i.e. the next morning, or once you return to campus), you must update the contact to reflect the correct date.

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