The Dashboard is the first page displayed to a User when opening the ARMS Mobile app. It serves as a launchpad for some of the most commonly used features within the app.

Alert Center

At the top of your Dashboard is the 'Alert Center' which lets you know if you have any unread messages that need your attention. You can click on the notification to jump right into your messages.

Figure 1: Unread Messages visible from the Dashboard

Team Management

Within the Team Management section of the Dashboard, there is also a shortcut to 'Send Team Announcement.' This will open up a draft of an announcement to go out to your full roster. For more on team announcements, read "Messaging Your Student-Athletes" and "Tracking Announcements."

NOTE: For multi-sport Users, the Send Team Announcement option is associated with your current sport

Figure 2: Send a Team Announcement directly from the Dashboard

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