The "Launch" Screen
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Module: Workflows
Page: All Workflow Forms

Each workflow form will start with an initial "launch" page. This page will define the Academic Year that should be associated with the form (to look up the form historically) and if applicable, the Sport and/or the Contact the workflow form is about or associated with.

Academic Year

Required on all forms. This is the year that the form is about. For example, a Declaration of Coaching Staff is submitted annually and the associated Academic Year will allow Administrators to quickly look up the correct form from year to year.


This is optionally displayed on a form. Only a single sport may be selected and will define the following:

  • The contact list to look up when defining an associated contact.

  • An approver in a subsequent step if the approval is "Sport Specific", for example a Sport Supervisor

Associated Contact

This is optionally displayed on a form and can be required or not. This field is used if the form being completed is about someone else and should be tied to their contact profile in ARMS. For example, an Official Visit Request is about a specific sport's Prospective Student-Athlete and should allow coaches to select from their list of Recruits. This field will:

  • Allow fields within the form to pre-fill with information stored on that contact's profile.

  • Save a copy of the form to the associated contact's profile in ARMS

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